Continental’s ContiSeal™ tyres have a special technology that gives them a self-sealing function in the event of a light puncture. Thanks to a special sealing compound, the tyres are able to seal themselves.

A self-sealing tire today no longer belongs solely to the realm of science fiction or secret agents. On the contrary, Continental has been offering a self-sealing tire since 2007, when it first introduced the tire with ContiSeal™ technology at the Geneva Motor Show.

Continental ContiSeal tire section

ContiSeal™ is a technology that enables automatic sealing of the tire in case of a typical puncture of the tread. This technology only works for smaller punctures, up to about 5 mm in size, which corresponds to a puncture from a nail or screw. Another advantage is that the tire remains sealed even if you remove the object that pierced the tread. Thus, the driver does not need to deal with the puncture by immediately changing the tire or using a repair kit. They can simply continue driving or try to remove the clicking nail.

Principle of ContiSeal tire operation:

The inside of the tire is filled with a relatively thick layer of black viscous sealing compound. This compound is capable of sealing the resulting hole from the inside of the tire in case of a puncture. The sealing occurs immediately with minimal loss of pressure. According to statistics, such a tire can handle up to 80% of punctures on its own.

regular flat tire ContiSeal tire

regular tire vs. ContiSeal tire

Technical guidelines:

  • The manufacturer recommends using a tire pressure monitoring system – TPMS
  • It is not necessary to stop immediately and change the tire; the driver can continue driving
  • After detecting a puncture, the tire must be inspected by a specialist at a professional service center
  • The repair instructions for a tire with ContiSeal technology can be found here

Did you know:

  • ContiSeal tires are visibly marked with a symbol on the sidewall and are compatible with all commonly available rims
  • The manufacturer promises that under normal operating conditions, a car with ContiSeal tires has the same driving characteristics as tires without ContiSeal
  • Tires with ContiSeal technology are available in both summer and winter versions