VarioFlex is the name given to the rear seat attachment system, which allows the rear seats to be easily manoeuvred and thus extends the variability of the rear interior space.

The VarioFlex system allows for easy adjustment of the rear seats according to current transportation needs, significantly enhancing the variability of the interior space. The trick lies in the fact that the rear seats are designed as three separate units, which are directly attached to anchoring elements in the rear of the body. Seats with the VarioFlex system enable, for example:

  • Easy longitudinal adjustment of up to 150 mm, creating more legroom or cargo space
  • When removing the middle seat, the remaining two seats can be moved 80 mm closer to the center of the vehicle, providing passengers with more shoulder space
  • Seats can be folded or completely folded down to create a flat surface in the cargo area
  • Individual seats can also be easily removed from the vehicle and are relatively lightweight
  • Backrests can be individually adjusted to a more comfortable travel position by up to 13°

VarioFlex System in Škoda ROOMSTER

This highly practical rear seat manipulation system is used in some of Škoda’s car models. The first model to offer the VarioFlex system was the ŠKODA ROOMSTER in 2006, followed by the YETI and KAROQ models. The technical twin of the ŠKODA KAROQ – the SEAT Ateca, which is produced on the same assembly line in Kvasiny, does not offer the VarioFlex system.


The outer seats with the VarioFlex system have brackets for child car seats ISOFIX, while the narrower middle seat doesn’t have brackets due to its small width. With the KAROQ model, the option of heated VafioFlex seats has been added. The connector with the wiring for heating automatically snaps into the counterpart in the floor when the seat is folded, so you don’t need to connect anything.

VarioFlex Comparison of the Cargo Space Škoda KAROQ

VarioFlex ŠkodaVarioFlex Škoda