Ford’s EasyFuel system eliminates the need for a bolt-on tank cap with an integrated flap and spring-loaded door. A patented mechanism guides the correct fuel gun into the tank neck and detects the fuel type, preventing confusion between gasoline and diesel.

The Ford Motor Company introduced the EasyFuel refueling system at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005. For this innovative idea, it received the “Idea of the Year” award from the British magazine Autocar. The technology was incorporated into mass production in 2007 with the launch of the new Ford Mondeo. Today, a common feature in cars from various manufacturers, it all started with Ford’s EasyFuel system.

filler neck equipped with the EasyFuel system  cross-section of the EasyFuel system

The EasyFuel system prevents the inadvertent refueling with the wrong type of fuel (gasoline/diesel). The fuel filler neck is designed to only accept the correct fuel nozzle. Thanks to the EasyFuel system, fuel mix-ups, such as filling a diesel car with gasoline or vice versa, are not possible. Another advantage is that the fuel filler neck has no cap, eliminating the need for unscrewing and locking the cap at each refueling.

How the EasyFuel System Works:

The fuel filler neck is equipped with integrated doors with a flap and a spring, replacing the traditional screw cap. It includes a patented mechanism that guides the fuel nozzle into the filler neck and recognizes its type. This mechanism ensures that the wrong fuel nozzle, either gasoline or diesel, cannot be inserted.

cross-section of a filler neck equipped with the EasyFuel system  

If a driver tries to insert a non-gasoline nozzle into the filler neck of a gasoline vehicle, the latch mechanism blocks it, and the spring-loaded doors do not open. This system also works the other way around, preventing a thinner gasoline nozzle from being inserted into the larger filler neck of a diesel tank.

Refueling from a Canister and the EasyFuel System:

You might wonder how the EasyFuel system works when refueling from a canister, given that fuel canisters are not standardized in shape. This scenario has been considered. The EasyFuel system includes a plastic funnel that must be inserted into the filler neck for emergency refueling from a canister. This funnel has the same diameter as the corresponding fuel nozzle.

Refueling from a canister with the EasyFuel system Refueling from a canister with the EasyFuel system - funnel placement