GSi (Grand Sport Injection)

The GSi designation has belonged to Opel sports cars since the second half of the 1980s.

When Volkswagen began to celebrate its success with the first generation VW Golf GTI in the late 1970s, its main competitor Opel could not be left behind. Of course, at that time Opel already had a range of sporty models, but there was a need to clearly differentiate them. The first Opel cars to carry the GSi designation were the Opel Manta GSi and Kadett GSi. Both cars were given the same 115 hp 1.8-litre engine, which in itself made them suitable for sporty driving. Remember, it was the end of 1984! Both models were a great success! The GSi symbol became legendary very soon and lasted until the late 90s.


In 1997, a new sports division of Opel was founded under the name Opel Performance Center GmbH. Gradually, the new name OPC was applied to the sports derivatives of the production cars. This designation lasted until the takeover of Opel by PSA, which decided to return the shine to the good old GSi. Opel introduced the Insignia GSi with a 260 hp 2.0 engine.