Easy Close

Funkce Easy Close usnadňuje zavírání pátých dveří, když máte při vykládání zavazadlového prostoru plné ruce.

The Easy Close system works in conjunction with keyless vehicle opening/closing – Keyless Access. The Easy Close function facilitates closing the trunk when your hands are full. Easy Close complements the older Easy Open function, which was the first to allow trunk opening via a foot gesture. In Volkswagen vehicles, you may encounter two methods of operation for this system.

 Easy Close function

1/ Easy Close Function via Dual Button

On the trunk lid, you’ll find two buttons used for automatic trunk closure using servo motors. The first button closes the trunk immediately, while the second one closes it only when the key fob moves away from the vehicle.


2/ Easy Close Function via Foot Movement

The trigger for trunk closure is foot movement under the rear bumper, detected by a capacitive sensor.

Did You Know…?

Škoda and SEAT brands refer to the function of automatic trunk opening and closing as Virtual Pedal.