Easy Open

The Easy Open function makes it easy to open the boot when your hands are full. To open the trunk easily, just keep the key in your pocket and “kick” the back of the car, the car’s electronics do the rest.

The Easy Open system works in conjunction with keyless vehicle entry (Keyless Access) and facilitates access to the trunk. To open the trunk, a targeted foot movement behind the vehicle is sufficient, and if you have the key in your pocket, the lid will automatically open. The sensor in the lower part of the rear bumper reacts to the hint of a kick at the rear and releases the lid lock. If the key is held by someone more than a meter away from the vehicle, the system will not open the lid. This should prevent unauthorized access to the trunk.

The presence of this feature is not identifiable from the outside of the vehicle. The bumper with or without the sensor looks identical. The main purpose of this feature is to allow the trunk to be opened when both hands are full of luggage. Anyone who has ever stood in front of their car with their hands full will certainly appreciate the Easy Open function.


Did you know:

  • Volkswagen Passat was the first to feature the Easy Open system in 2010
  • Over time, this feature was improved and supplemented with an automatic tailgate closing method called Easy Close (VW) or Virtual Pedal (Škoda and SEAT)