Twindoor is a unique fifth-door opening system that combines the practicality of a liftback with the convenience of a sedan.

Twindoor is the name of a tailgate opening system patented by the car manufacturer Škoda. It was first introduced with the 2nd generation Škoda Superb. This method of opening the trunk combines the advantages of liftback and sedan body styles. The liftback body style allows for a sufficiently large opening of the tailgate, making it convenient to load larger cargo. In contrast, the sedan allows for an elegant opening of the trunk lid without disrupting the thermal comfort inside the cabin. Thanks to a special mechanism, the patented Twindoor system allows you to choose between opening just a part or the entire tailgate.

Skoda Superb with Twindoor door opening system - feature demonstration

ways to open the trunk of the Škoda Superb

How does the Twindoor system work?

If you want to open only a small access to the trunk, simply press the switch located in the center of the lid under the chrome strip. This gives you classic sedan-style trunk access.

If you want to load larger cargo, first press the button located about twenty-five centimeters to the right of the central button. This activates a mechanism that adjusts the door opening system. The entire operation takes a moment, and when it’s done, the Superb will notify you by flashing the brake light in the rear window. Now, use the central button to open the liftback-style access to the trunk.

detail of the rear lid opening

Did you know:

If the entire lid is closed in liftback mode, it can be reopened entirely. Shortly thereafter, the mechanism resets and you can open just the rear metal part in sedan mode.