The wheelbase is one of the basic dimensional parameters of a vehicle. Simply put, it is the distance between the front and rear wheels.

The wheelbase together with the track width is the basic parameter determining the dimensions of the chassis and the vehicle. Wheelbase is defined as the distance of perpendiculars lowered from the centers of the wheels of two axles, placed one behind the other. In other words, it is the distance between the centres of two axles placed behind each other on the same side of the vehicle. The exact definition of the wheelbase is given in standard ISO 612 of 1978.



The wheelbase is determined at the permissible vehicle total mass, since the axle wheelbase value varies slightly as the vehicle is loaded (due to wheel suspension kinematics). The wheelbase of two- and multi-track vehicles may be different on the left and right side. In this case, the value is given for both sides of the vehicle. For vehicles with three or more axles, the overall wheelbase shall be given as the sum of the equally determined partial wheelbases.

The wheelbase length affects the size and roominess of the vehicle. It has an effect on the driving characteristics and, above all, on the driving comfort. The longer the wheelbase, the smoother and more comfortable the ride. A vehicle with a longer wheelbase has less movement of the passenger compartment for the same axle deflection, which has a positive effect on the driving comfort.

overview of basic vehicle dimensions

overview of basic vehicle dimensions

Examples of Škoda wheelbases:

Škoda Citigo 2420 mm
Škoda Fabia III 2470 mm
Škoda Octavia III 2686 mm
Škoda Superb III 2841 mm

What you didn’t know:

Vehicles that come in different body styles such as hatchback / kombi / sedan usually to have the same wheelbase. This means that, for example, the Skoda Octavia liftback has the same wheelbase as the kombi. Both body variants are based on the same platform – the modular MQB platform. What is even more interesting about the Octavia or Superb is that the overall length is still the same. So the kombi is not longer, as many people mistakenly believe!

wheelbase - Škoda Octavia liftback   wheelbase - Škoda Octavia liftback