Kick-down is the function of downshifting the automatic transmission. When the accelerator pedal is fully depressed, the control unit will command the gears to downshift to the lowest possible gear, thereby increasing the speed of the internal combustion engine in order to obtain the best possible engine performance. The driver will use this function, for example, when overtaking or accelerating hard.

Kick-down is a function of automatic transmission that allows obtaining maximum power when needed. This function is necessary, for example, when there is a demand for rapid acceleration or during overtaking maneuvers. When kick-down function is activated, even the air conditioning is temporarily disconnected to avoid reducing engine power.

Kick-down Function

If the driver sharply depresses the accelerator pedal to the floor, the electronic control unit of the automatic transmission evaluates the situation via the accelerator pedal position switch as a demand for maximum power. Immediately, the transmission will downshift by one or two gear ratios, and the vehicle will start accelerating with maximum available power. The electronic control unit of the automatic transmission also monitors the engine speed to ensure optimal downshifting for power or to prevent exceeding the maximum allowed engine speed.

Illustrative image of Kick-down function of automatic transmission